Bacteria and fungi time-lapses

Bacteria and fungi time-lapses2017-07-07T18:14:29+00:00

Project Description

These high-res time-lapse recordings of growing bacteria and fungi are fortuitous by-products of our Evolving Game Terrains research project which questioned if real-time growth of bacteria and fungi can be used to generate real-time game environments. To aquire suitable high-res imagery for the project I came up with a novel method to capture the growth of the bacteria and fungi. The resulting imagery turned out to be of such great quality I decided to create some time-lapse videos.

We grew the organisms on Petri-dishes filled with home-made black agar, placed upside down on a consumer flatbed scanner. They are 2560×1440 pixel crops from 1200dpi scans with minimal color correction. The scans were made with a 5 minute interval and rendered at 30fps, resulting in 1 second of playback for 2,5 hours of scanning.