Evolving Game Terrains


Natural growth phenomena such as fractals are often simulated when procedurally generating landscape terrains for gaming. Instead of simulating such phenomena we explore if captures of bacteria and fungi exhibiting fractal growth can be used to generate a game terrain. Furthermore their real-time growth could be used to generate an evolving game terrain [...]



This is my Media Technology graduation project (MSc, Leiden University), supervised by Maarten Lamers. It started with a personal observation: playing with a pet can be more surprising in the long-run than playing a computer game. But is it possible to merge the unpredictable behaviour of an animal with a computer game by [...]

Rehabilitate through Play


Rehabilitate through play is my graduation project for the Bachelor Design for Virtual Theatre and Games (Utrecht School of the Arts). The concept for this project reflected on a period when I had an accident and broke my elbow. I had to do a monotonous training exercise to rehabilitate, using a machine which [...]

Kamikaze Ground Battle


KGB is a puzzle/platform game which uses a physical interface to control the character, a bouncing ball. By jumping on the interface you move ahead, and tilting it to the left or right rotates your character to the left or right. You could compare the concept of the interface with Nintendo Wii’s Balance [...]