Mapping Flinck


'Mapping Flinck' builds upon The Augmented Painting, Phase 3 and utilizes the painting as an augmented reality marker. An iPad, which is mounted on a flexible arm, augments the painting with animations and spoken text. The installation was presented at Museum Catharijneconvent (Utrecht, The Netherlands) on 16-05-2013 and is currently still on display. [...]

Augmented Painting, Phase 2


The Van Gogh Museum invited us to develop a more robust and reliable version of The Augmented Painting, Phase 1. Instead of building more robust and reliable hardware ourselves for phase 2 of our installation we decided to choose a device which already proved itself in everyday practice, the iPad made by Apple. [...]

Augmented Painting, Phase 1


Museum conservators and researchers often take multi-spectral captures of the paintings they study, commonly using x-ray, infrared and ultraviolet equipment. These captures allow them to among others check the condition of the painting, see what type of paint and canvas was used, and sometimes they even discover earlier sketches, drawing aids or completely [...]

Big Mean Steam Machine


The Big Mean Steam Machine started with the following question: is it possible to combine old and new technology? For us characteristics of old technologies are big machines which only have a single purpose, make a lot of noise and are not very practical. On the opposite, new technology tends to be multifunctional, [...]

Wilhelm the Grey


‘Wilhelm the Grey’ is a toy animal which is connected to a computer, a crossing between a toy animal and a tamagochi. It’s meant for little children to learn what it takes to care after a real pet. So how does it work? You can divide ‘Wilhelm the Grey’ in two parts. You [...]

Rehabilitate through Play


Rehabilitate through play is my graduation project for the Bachelor Design for Virtual Theatre and Games (Utrecht School of the Arts). The concept for this project reflected on a period when I had an accident and broke my elbow. I had to do a monotonous training exercise to rehabilitate, using a machine which [...]

Kamikaze Ground Battle


KGB is a puzzle/platform game which uses a physical interface to control the character, a bouncing ball. By jumping on the interface you move ahead, and tilting it to the left or right rotates your character to the left or right. You could compare the concept of the interface with Nintendo Wii’s Balance [...]